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    no solos – all ensemble singinga significant soloist feature, but not for the whole songshort solo section(s)


    List instruments for the arrangement, number of players for each instrument. Please indicate beginner or outstanding players if desired, and indicate whether any players are available to play multiple instruments.


    Any specific ideas? Enter them here. Typical examples:
    - “Keep it simple. Basically transcribe the original recording and harmonize the vocal parts, and add in a couple moments where the whole band plays a unison hit or two.”
    - “Medley two songs together in a particular order, with a short section at the end that layers the two songs together.”
    - “Begin with a short vocal intro, then add 8 measures of music for restaging before the first verse”
    - “Omit the second chorus and move directly into a 32 count dance break. Follow with a ‘hushed’ chorus and then build to the end.”
    - “Add a key change between last two sections.”


    I want Landig Music Productions to handle securing copyright permission for my arrangements. I may be required to sign agreements or documents from copyright holders or their agents and will abide by their terms of use. The arrangements will be inscribed with the copyright notices as designated by the copyright holders and their fees will be added to my invoice and forwarded on to the copyright holders as necessary. There is no additional fee charged by LMP for this service.I am handling my own copyright process directly. Landig Music Productions will sign and return any requested forms provided by copyright holders to me, and inscribe the copyright notices onto your music when received. I agree that I assume full responsibility to complete the licensing and that LMP is not liable for any legal actions, penalties, or fees which may result if proper permissions are not secured.


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